24 May, 2006

Good News for Fran O'Brien's?

I signed up for Fran O'Brien's mailing list awhile back, and received the following today. There had been public and behind-the-scenes hints that good things were developing. It looks like Fran's has managed to find some new sites worth looking at, which is half the battle in the super-tight DC real estate market. Very encouraging...

Update on Fran O'Brien's New Location

We have looked at several sites and hope to make a decision soon. It will probably take about six months to re-open. We will keep you posted!

Continuing the Tradition:
Friday Night Dinner for Wounded Heroes at the Embassy of Italy

The Italian Ambassador opens embassy doors to vets from military hospitals

To remain informed about the continuation of the Friday Night Dinners for our Wounded Heroes, please join the mailing list at The Aleethia Foundation.

We wish to thank all our loyal customers for their business during the last ten years and we look forward to seeing all of you at our new location.

-Hal Koster and Marty O'Brien
Let's keep our fingers crossed!