08 June, 2006

Cross Another One Off the List

By now I'm sure you've heard the news: Zarqawi is dead. I don't have the time to put up a long eloquent post, but here's why this is a good thing:

The most influential al Qaeda leader in Iraq--"The Prince of Iraq," according to bin Laden--is no more.

It shows the U.S. has an excellent information network set up in Iraq; Jordanians, locals, and even al Qaeda members themselves contributed to the info that pinpointed his location.

Because al Qaeda members contributed to the info, there is going to be some major dissention in the ranks as they all look suspiciously at each other.

It's another proof to Iraqis that when they cooperate with the U.S. and their own government, terrorists are removed. Also shows Iraqis may be getting increasingly fed-up with the terrorists.

It's a good morale-booster at a time when there has been a lot of general negativity and criticism about the Iraq war.

Iraqi police and military played a significant role.

Regardless whether or not he was simply a figurehead, his death allows the coalition to roll up other operations that they'd been allowing to continue simplhy as conduits to Zarqawi.

Go read Villainous Company for the details. She's got the best roundup on the story of anybody I've seen this morning.


Note to the trolls: Don't even "go there." While I'm glad that he is no more, I also am sad because I believe that on a theoretical level, anybody is "salvageable" (hence my opposition to the death penalty). But I recognize that is unlikely in this case and I am relieved to know that there is now one less evil person with power in this world. And yes, I believe justice has been done in this case.

Cheers and kisses to my dear warfighters!