11 June, 2006

Valour-IT Blogburst

We are planning a Valour-IT blogburst for Monday (tomorrow). We have eleven people waiting for laptops, and so need to raise a minimum of $7000 (see new pricing).

If you would like to join us, here are some resources to help get out the word:

The BBC article is the best overview out there. You can find more media coverage on the sidebar of the project blog.

Here's a narrative that describes what it's like for a Valour-IT recipient, and a description of how Valour-IT can affect healing and recovery.

Stories of Valour-IT Recipients

Please email me for more information about those waiting and for the donation button HTML. Our goal is to flood the blogosphere with Valour-IT stories on Monday morning. Remember we have at least 11 people waiting for a laptop that will allow them to reconnect with the world, healing faster in mind and body. As I have said many times, we owe them.