18 June, 2006

Waiting... Again!

I'm tired of waiting!! Yes, patience is a virtue. So? I've got too many virtues, anyway. ;)

[By the way, this is boring personal stuff; if you're looking for something military-related, scroll down a few posts. Enjoy!]

Still here? Okay...

After the interview for Dream Job, I was told that a decision would be made "early" this coming week. I suppose that means I could know by tomorrow morning, or not until Wednesday... or maybe not even next week at all, considering that the people involved in doing the hiring have been very over-worked with schedules constantly in flux.

So I'm waiting... Argghhh!!! (tip o' the hat to The Armorer)

In the meantime, I have to pack and get ready to move--though I don't know where I'm going. I've got it all scheduled out project-planning style for the next nine days (tip o' the hat to Sandi), with lists of tasks for each day and each task and sub-task outlined by step. I just have to do the scheduling for each day, and I'll be set. I will be out of here by the 27th at the latest, headed to who knows where...

But here's the cool part!--I've got so little in the way of valuables that once I sell most of my junk this coming weekend, I'll be moving all my possessions in my little 4-door Civic Sedan (with a few boxes of clothes and other lightweight stuff sent in the mail). Basically it boils down to books, clothes, and kitchen stuff (sans dishes).

So, by the end of this week hopefully I'll know if I'm headed to DC for a better job than I could have even dreamed of a year ago, or if I'm headed to San Diego until I can find something else (preferably not in San Diego, haha).

I do hate waiting... *sigh*