13 July, 2006

Trying to Volunteer

Update: Thanks to Barb's links in the comments below, I have some new leads that are very encouraging. I can't wait to start calling them tomorrow!

You'd think this would be easier...

As far as I can tell, the only way into the Camp Pendleton and Balboa hospitals is through the Red Cross. But I'm told I'll be "doing filing" in the RC office. Argghhh!!! I did more good sitting behind my computer in the middle of the Arizona desert!

They're great about saying that they want to find the right place for me, but they're telling me there really isn't anything they do that deals directly with people in the hospitals (other than message transfer).

Maybe I'm working through the wrong organization... maybe I should try some of my contacts... Maybe the hospitals don't really neeed anyone and I don't have anything to offer.

This is not looking good.