12 July, 2006

Are You a San Diegan?

Hey, you San Diego bloggers and blog readers! Where are you?

Yes you, the one with the "rr" ISP who viewed 10 pages Wednesday night. And you from cox.net who drops by every other day... And a couple of you bloggers I KNOW live in San Diego. And you over there that I don't know, but I know I've seen you around before. ;)

I'm here in North County, not too far from you! Here sharing 680 sq ft with my mother, and without any familiar faces in San Diego 'cept the older generation of my family!

Doesn't that make you feel desperately sorry for me?

It should! :P

So, let's do something about it. I've been here two weeks as of about 3 hours from now. I'm completely settled and looking for work again. But a girl's gotta have fun too, ya know... ;)

And besides, how could you resist something as cute and sexy as this?