04 August, 2006

Navy Blue and Gold Green


If I die in the next few hours, you know it'll be from envy.

I'm sitting here at the USO. It's usually very slow (boring) on Friday mornings. But this morning U.S.S. Lincoln is in port, waiting to pick up people for a Tiger cruise. And guess where the Navy has instructed Tiger cruise participants to wait to be picked up and taken to the ship?

I'm turning greener by the minute. Argghhh!!!

Update: I survived (the envy, the volunteer who had to cancel, 11 hours at the USO, and a couple hundred Tigers who were introduced to the military tradition of Hurry Up and Wait). Lincoln and an accompanying destroyer who also had Tigers aboard pulled out this morning. I'm still green-tinged, but my envy was slightly assuaged by the knowledge that the airwing would not be accompanying the carrier in its trip up the coast. It's all about the birds, ya know... ;)

I never used to care about naval aviation, other than thinking it was vaguely "cool."

I blame Lex entirely.