07 August, 2006

Johnathan Benson, Update 3

It's not going well (background here).

Here's what I can decipher:

Like many who are wounded in Iraq, he's had a tenacious but mysterious infection that has been causing a fever. His abdominal wounds are not healing, and his mother reports that he has often been near death in the last week.

Johnathan is still fighting for his life. Every time he starts to do a little better, He has a major setback... Johnathan has a big hole in his abdomen. The Doctor said it was like sewing up wet tolet paper. Again Johnathan surprised the Doctors. They have found bacteria now. We are excited about this because it gives them something to work on. This will only take 2 days. Maybe now they can get rid of the fever.
As much as he and his family need cards and letters, they need your prayers, healing thoughts and whatever similar support you can offer. It has been a tough week for them, and the rollercoaster of his recovery has been having greater dips than heights lately.

Update: Johnathan passed away on September 9, 2006.

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