14 September, 2006

Cigars and Soldiers

Cigars International has been supplying cigars to troops deployed around the world, encouraging them to send back pictures of themselves enjoying CI's cigars.

This first one is for Sgt. B...

5/27/05 -


This photo was taken during a convoy from Mosul to Bilad. The convoy was three kilometers long and took 10 hrs. During that time anything, and I do mean anything, could happen to our convoy. Here I am with the two things I love most in this country. The "Ma Deuce" M2.50 CAL machine gun and a quality Cuban smoke....

Take care and God bless.

1LT Martin
Wakefield Mosul, Iraq.
Here's one with a great back-story...

5/24/05 -

Here I am smoking a wonderful ACID Kuba Kuba from CI on Christmas Day. This was taken as I came in off a patrol near LSA Anaconda (Balad Air Base) in which we had hit an IED and flipped our HMMWV. Luckily no one was injured. It had been raining all day and I am soaked to the skin, but nothing beats a good cigar to celebrate being alive.

Keep up the good work and the fine products.


William E. Palmer
Provost Marshal
And finally, this one is the epitome of "It's been a long day..."

05/18/05 -

On behalf of all of us here In the middle of Fallujah, I thank you for the cigars. Our days are long and exhausting. (Please see picture. I generally don’t look that badly.) Our reprieve is in the evening when we can all enjoy our cigar of choice. Please know that every evening, we look to your product to be able to enjoy our moment of peace.

Thanks again,

LtCol Jim “Hondo” Haldeman
You can see the rest of their awesome pictures here.

[h/t Andi at MilBlogs]