06 September, 2006

Random Thoughts

Well... that last post didn't do me any favors, did it? I try to be non-political here, but it's hard to do that when the question of our very existence itself seems to be politicized.

On to (sorta) brighter thoughts... I'm gonna blame general crankiness for my attitude yesterday. The good news is that as of last week I have a date with a sharp-witted, handsome and all-around good man who makes me laugh and blush in about equal amounts (not that the latter is hard to do, haha!). The bad news is that he asked me out 48 hours before he went to Europe on TDY, so we have to wait until the end of September for our date... which is making me very cranky! It also has the lovely quality of allowing me to be a typical female and obsess over every detail of our interactions after he asked me out, without any new experiences with him to prove to myself the irrationality of my ridiculous fears that exist despite my best efforts to be reasonable.

And if that last sentence made no sense to you, don't worry; you're obviously not a female. Sometimes I really hate being a woman...

And on to more important things: start brainstorming for another Valour-IT fundraiser this Fall. But hold off on linking or sharing--I'll be putting up a separate post for suggestions.

One last personal note: Today is my initial orientation for volunteering at the mil-hospital (between security/background checks and training, it will be awhile before I actually start volunteering). I'm not getting a bad vibe from the volunteer coordinator, but I'm not feeling like we've connected in our interactions yet, either. So please send prayers and good vibes on my behalf. I can't afford to screw this up.

And one more thing: I've already started writing the lastest installment of Soldier Ride, but I'm having a hard to concentrating (imagine that!), so it's developing rather slowly. I'm gonna try to finish it today, though.