05 September, 2006

Nauseating / Rant

I went from this to this...

I dont know whether to cry in fear and hopelessness or just throw up. Yes, "laugh" is not an option. This was just the last straw for me today.

First, the AP headline on a hard-hitting presidential speech that lays it all on the table, saying what we've wished for long he would say: Bush uses bin Laden quotes for war rally. Translation: Oh, look! The evil Bush is holding war rallies. How barbaric!

Of course, several paragraphs down we find the following:

It [the speech] was delivered to the Military Officers Association of America in a hotel ballroom filled with U.S. troops, including several injured in the war, and with diplomatic representatives of foreign countries that have suffered terrorist attacks.
A professional assocation. Sounds like a war rally to me...

And then there's the typical opinion piece masquerading as reporting:
With two months until an Election Day that hinges largely on national security, Bush laid out bin Laden's vision in detail, including new revelations from previously unreported documents. Voters were never more united behind the president than in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks, and his speech was designed to convince Americans that the threat has not faded five years later.
I'm the first to jump up and say that 99% of morality today is individual, but this here is the result of moral relativism. I mean, God forbid there's actually a right and wrong, that there are people out to kills us due to hatred of us, that President Bush actually believes what he's saying! It's not our lives at stake! No, it's all just a political game.

And yes, after paragraphs and paragraphs of snarky statements from the opposition (reporter included), we finally get a few quotes on what he actually said.

Let's just give it up now and let the Fascists Hiding in the Name of Religion have our necks.

I don't why we bother some days. I really don't. There aren't enough of us...


And one more thing: the speech (and the professional organization's meeting) was held at the Capital Hilton. Yeah, that one. Tell me again how one person can make a difference?