21 September, 2006

Whining, In No Particular Order...

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Warning, this post has no socially redeeming value. Scroll down (quite a bit) for worthwhile reading.

I don't have the emotional energy to make this witty or funny or interesting...

The Dark Dog refuses to be shaken...

Only spent 3 hours at the USO yesterday. Why? Realized I had left my driver's license in my pocket with my debit card after going to the Padres game the night before. This presented a problem because I had an appointment/meeting at the mil-hospital.

So, left early to make the 40-minute drive home to retrieve license, to be followed immediately by the 40 minute drive back on the same freeways to the hospital. Realized I hadn't gotten my parking validated. Returned to USO where stupid woman was blocking the turnout to parking near USO. I tried to squeeze by, but could only go halfway due to angles. Sat and waited for her to pull forward along the road so that I could get in.

The idiot backed up instead. *Crunch*

Me: You hit me!

Idiot: Oh no, I didn't!

I was rattled enough that I took two or three minutes to find my various info to exchange. She berated me for keeping her for "ten minutes" when she had to "deliver Mr.________ to courtesy parking." I retorted that she could leave and we'd make this a hit-and-run. She left.

Good news: I got her license plate. Bad news: I didn't have my driver's license with me and I knew I had barely enough time to get home and then to the milhospital. In other words, I haven't called the police as of this morning. Third accident since I moved here at the very end of June, second hit-and-run.

Barely made it to meeting at the hospital. Found out I will undergo a far more extensive background check than I expected. Let's just say that I will be signing away any sense of privacy I ever thought I had. I'm particularly looking forward to the results of the questions I have given them explicit permission to ask my doctors, and they'll also be looking into why I left the teaching profession. Nice... let's see what else I can do to make me question my ability to ever do or be anything other then a secretary in some meaningless business office (a perfectly respectable job, the past holding of which has made me want to kill myself).

In other news, I am headed out for a Weekend of Wedding though I have no responsibilities for said event. Instead I will be stuck for 3 days in a city where no one wants to meet me, watching the last of the female cousins (other than the eldest--me, of course) get married.

You say I can at least look forward to dressing up to lookk good and enjoying myself at the wedding? Uh... no. I'll just say nature hasn't made that possible at this time...

Which probably explains my general crabbiness, fuzzy-headedness, and borderline depression.

And Guy Who Asked Me Out Then Immediately Went on Three-week Trip to Europe? Absence does not make the heart grow fonder. I waver between being seriously ticked at him for asking me out when he wouldn't be able to follow through for three weeks, and deciding that I must've imagined/misunderstood him. Fortunately he'll be back Sunday and I can then stop the insanity.

Oooohhh, it's so fun being me this week.

My motto today? It Sucks Being Me*


*And yes, there is so much more that could be wrong, and so much that I should be thankful and happy about. But I'm not--maybe the big problems have weighed me down so much that I can no longer cope with the small ones. It's just that right now I don't have the capacity to feel any differently, which with my state of mind I just funnel back into negative feelings about myself. I'm just healthy that way...

Update: Encouragement from an expected quarter.

Update II: I reported the accident to the Harbor Police today and they took a very thorough report (they asked me about the delay, but by the end I got the impression it wasn't an issue). I'm optimistic about finding a proper resolution, though they say it may not technically be hit-and-run. Meanwhile, I'm looking for someone who can de-magnetize my car, or maybe a shaman to lift the curse...