23 November, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

It occurred to me this morning that my Thanksgiving will be incomplete this year. Not only will members of my family be elsewhere, but there are many others I will be wishing were at my table this afternoon.

I've had the pleasure of knowing so many of you both on and off-line: I have happy memories of hugs and laughter, of shared food and drink and the lively conversation that goes with both. So I am thinking of you today, thankful for the times we've had together and wishing so much for more.

So here's a table set for all of you; pull up a chair. I know I'll be with you in spirit today, counting you among the things for which I am so very thankful.

In a year of my life that has seen so much that is hard and challenging, you all have been a tremendous bright spot for me. Thank you for being there, for advising me, for challenging me, for picking me up when I was down, and for keeping me honest (I'd add, "keeping me sane," but that ship sailed a long time ago).

My love to all of you, today and every day...