26 November, 2006

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Update: Visitor #50,000 arrived at 9:47 pacific, from Seattle. Unfortunately, he/she arrived via a google search, so is anonymous. However, visitor #50,001 was a regular from Chicago who checked sitemeter soon after arrival. Care to identify yourself, my Chicago friend?

At some point late tonight or tomorrow morning, this blog will receive its 50,000th visitor! I know, I know... small potatoes. But hey, it's a nice round number.

It took exactly nine months to reach 25,000 and exactly seven more to get to 50,000 (looks like you were off by two months, Neffi). But at this rate, it'll only take me... Heck, I don't do calculus; I'm a musician. ;)

I'd offer a prize to the 50,000th visitor, but I'm penniless. But hey, leave a comment and if I can identify you as number 50,000, I'll give you a link or something (oh, the anticipation must be unbearable, huh?).

Have a super Sunday, everyone.