15 November, 2006

Job Search

Now that the Valour-IT fundraiser is over, I can go back to trying to raise money for myself--aka Finding a Job That Actually Pays!

So far, it's been pretty bad. Apparently I'm "over-qualified" for the kinds of administrative assistant, receptionist and "all we need is a warm body" jobs that I could do superbly in my sleep. And I'm "under-qualified" for the kind of dream job I know I can do well and grow into, but for which I don't have a track record of paid positions.

If one more potential employer calls me up and says, "I got your resume for Position X, but I see you're over-qualified," I may spontaneously combust. My initial thought in response to idiots like that is, "Then why the hell are you calling me???!" Three quarters of them dither on the phone about how "surely you wouldn't be happy in this position," and the rest I manage to talk into an (unsuccessful) interview.

The savings ran out about a month ago. I've done babysitting for friends and collected on some debts that allowed me to pay the basics, but the car payment and (huge) student loans are now officially past due. This is gonna be fun...

(And no, I can't go back to teaching, for reasons I'd rather not explain here).

On the bright side, I think I've finally morphed my resume into something that gets a second look (hence the "over-qualified" responses, vs. no response, haha). And yesterday I applied for a local military non-profit job that could only be more perfect for me (and me for it) were it full-time. But it's enough for me to live on at the moment and it has huge potential for future onsite growth or a stepping stone into the new career I want. I'm waiting on pins and needles for them to ask for an interview and half-scared that before that happens the new and highly-improved placement agency I found recently will offer me a job that I would HAVE to take due to desperation.

But hope springs eternal... Despite repeated attempts, it hasn't been crushed out of me yet. ;)