15 November, 2006

Un-useful Idiots

Update: The troll infestation in comments below has inspired one of the best defenses of banning of trolls that I believe I've ever read. I'll have to think on it, but may adopt it as my guiding principles on that subject myself.

Lex concludes a withering assessment of people who have shown themselves stupid beyond description with the following lines:

These people aren’t even useful idiots and their notions are as drearily predictable as they are morally obtuse: No more soldiers, no more wars! Get it?

Which is true, actually. But after the barbarians - and there are always barbarians - have finally slit enough throats, the rest of us will have to give up every privilege that we’ve come to consider as rights. We had that luxury, as well as the privilege of taking stylized positions inside our protected citadels, because somewhere on the outer rim good men and women are even now sacrficing a portion of their own freedoms in defense of ours.


Go read it all. It's good stuff.