16 November, 2006

Wish Me Luck...

Update: The architect interview was a bust. The placement agency went well, but it'll be a few days. The O-club is tomorrow.

Yay! I've got three interviews in the next two business days. This is in contrast to the two interviews I've had in the 4.5 months since I've moved here, and the four temporary agencies who've never placed me in a job.

One is a ho-hum but well-paying receptionist's job in an architect's office. The other is with an excellent placement agency that has already said they think they have a couple jobs I'd be "a good fit for."

And then there's the most interesting of all... A couple weeks ago I threw my resume into the general Human Resources pot at a local base that used to house Navy flyboys. Today I got a call asking me to interview for a job as receptionist at the O-club.

Hmmm... That one could be fun! :D

Seriously, the person scheduling the interview didn't know anything about the job, but I believe it's part-time, so it might fit well with the Really Cool part-time job I have my eye on (and for which I spend the day crossing just about everything that can be crossed).