17 January, 2007

Checking In

Still here, but with brain too drained (or is it stuffed?) to say much of any import.

Today was the first day at the new job---hours and hours of orientation (including CPR certification), plus 2.5 hours of HR paperwork/ID procurement. Tomorrow is another full day of orientation, punctuated by a visit to base Vehicle Registration. This will likely continue for quite a few more days, plus the department-level orientation(s) in a couple weeks. Whew!

So, I'm just about brain dead--the paperwork and meetings are surely sucking the life out of me.

But at least I have the planes. *GRIN* a Hornet came roaring relatively low over us when I was lined up at the gate this morning and literally made my car vibrate and creak, then cut a beautiful arc in front of me before flattening out and disappearing into the sky. And I had a lovely front-angled view (from the freeway overpass/entrance ramp) of an oncoming C-130 in the fading sunset when I left this evening.*

Oh! And being employed for the first time in six months is kinda nice, too. ;)

*Yes, some of you know exactly what I'm talking about, but I'm counting on public discretion.