15 January, 2007

Donate for Free

Yup. You can donate $3,000 to Valour-IT without giving up a cent.

As part of its marketing campaign, a new website is having people vote for their favorite milblogger. Any milblogger who finishes in the "Top 10" of voting will receive $250.... but the winner will receive $3,000!

Now, here's how you make sure that $3,000 gets to Valour-IT: go to the site and vote for Blackfive! He's promised to donate all $3,000 to Valour-IT if he wins. So, your vote (which is free) could be really worth $3,000 to Valour-IT--that means just about six more laptops for the wounded.

Anybody can vote. In other words, share the link with family and friends and let's see if we can push Blackfive over the top.!

So... Go, vote!

P.S. Blackfive is going to be on the nationally-syndicated Laura Ingraham radio show Tuesday (1/16/06) at 11:15 a.m. EST. Be sure to check it out (station guide here). And don't forget to vote!