15 January, 2007

JR Salzman and Valour-IT

Wounded milblogger JR Salzman has an update on his blog. It's his longest post since he was wounded, and I think I know why...

Soldier’s Angels [Valour-IT] gave me a laptop with voice recognition software so that I can type even though I have no hands or fingers to type with.

He obviously is glad to have the laptop. But as is very typical of the wounded warrior, he is somewhat hesitant to accept donations and financial assistance. He has been asked repeatedly to put up a donation button on his blog, but he declines:

Unfortunately my mother was kind enough to publicize a bank account that some friends opened in my home town. I would much rather everyone donate to some of the wonderful organizations out there that help all wounded soldiers, not just myself [he mentions Soldiers' Angels, Wounded Warrior Project and Red Cross]...There are many more injured soldiers out there besides myself. I shouldn't deserve all the attention when there are so many needy soldiers out there. Please help out these worthy organizations, as well as other worthy organizations that you can find through milblogs. Once again I appreciate the help, but I am not the only one injured in this fight.

As he describes in his post, he's had a hellish couple of days. We can't remove the pain he must cope with, but our support and encouragement can help him bear it. Please continue to comment on his blog or write to him (modest gifts such as small "luxury" giftcards for him or his wife--Starbucks, Amazon, any online store, etc.--would probably be welcome):

JR Salzman
Walter Reed Hospital
Ward 57 Room 5741
6900 George Ave NW
Washington, D.C. 20307

Update: JR has since edited/refined the post I quoted above and also added the address to the fund his friends set up.