11 January, 2007

When Are You Coming Home?

I'll just have to let this speak for itself.

Heather recorded the song, written by her mother, as a Christmas gift to her brother, Shaun Martin, a 22-year-old who is among 140,000 U.S. troops in Iraq this holiday season. The oldest of Cindy and Bob Martin's four sons joined the Army in 2004 after a year at Cameron University.

When Heather, a precocious, blond first-grader, learned that her "biggest" brother wouldn't be home for Christmas, she gasped, then burst into tears, Mrs. Martin said.

That spurred Mrs. Martin to finish lyrics to a song she had been toying with and add the music.

It's a beautiful song, and a beautiful singer.

Maybe it's because I used to teach six-year-olds to sing (wish I could give her some tips, haha!), but it really got to me. Another brave family member who got enlisted right along with her brother...

[H/T Sgt. Hook. Check out the comments there.]