12 January, 2007


In all my worry about passing the physical, I still felt there was a slight possibility that the jerk of a doctor was merely reveling in his power over me and his ability to cause me pain. After his lectures and implied insults, he said my medical history was "unique," and so he would consult with his boss about it. Turns out I was probably right about his sadistic tendencies...

End result?

I have the job!!!!!!!!!

Now, hold your horses. It's doesn't mean everything is okay. The hours start out VERY low, but the long-term outlook (two or so months out) and the hourly pay are very good. But at least I'll have a regular paycheck coming for the first time in six months!

The other good thing is that it's very flexible hours, so I'll still be able to volunteer a bit at the USO and work with the Armed Services YMCA, etc. And I'll also be able to step up and earn some more money by assisting a friend who is starting a business, as planned.

And there's more good stuff! While I have no desire to return to teaching music in public schools, I do enjoy working with children and doing musical things with them. There is strong opportunity for me to do regular musical activities with children in this new job! It also puts me in a military environment, where I feel comfortable and confident as to my ability to fit in, understand the lay of the land, assist military children and their parents, and develop contacts that will support my ultimate career goals . It also will help me continue to learn about military life so that I can build my effectiveness in non-profit military support activities.

So, if I can just get through the next couple months, I should be okay. And this job puts me in a good position to build more of a foundation for my new career goals.


Update: One more thing... the workday starts very early, but my favorite bicycling path (about 15 miles down the freeway) is practically next door to the job. So, I can go cycling in the afternoon on my way home from work!