06 February, 2007

Arkin Finally Gets Reined In

[UPDATE: Bob Krumm has a nice background and roundup of responses with some classic quotes (scroll down).

UPDATE II: Arkin's obnoxious comments about the military are nothing new from him. Check out this old post,especially the last few paragraphs.]

I see Arkin's editors finally got through to him:

Note: On the advice of my editors, this is the last column I will post for awhile on this subject. My impulse would be to continue to fight back and answer the critics, but I see the wisdom in their observation that nothing new is being said here and the Internet frenzy is adding nothing to the debate or our understanding of our world. I also see that I cannot continue to write about humanity and difficult questions if indeed what I wish is to vanquish those who attack me.

I suppose the whole thing is worth a read, simply for what it reveals about Arkin's character. He's the victim, doncha you know...

I'd wager this latest from him means we've been heard, and that at least his editors (if not Arkin himself) realize there aren't many out there who agree with his opinion of America's military men and women. And for what that says about the majority of this country, it's heartening.

Let's hope this is the last time we find it necessary to speak of him.