06 February, 2007

The Conference (and a Bleg)

Word of the 2007 MilBlog Conference has been slowly spreading, so I figure I should mention it...

If you are connected to the military blogging world in any way (blogger or reader), I strongly recommend it to you. Attending last year was an incredible experience--on personal, blogging, and professional levels. It changed me in significant ways, expanding my horizons and giving me and Valour-IT opportunities and connections that are still reverberating.

Yup, I'll be there! Thanks to some very dear people.

Someone out of the blue offered a plane ticket, and a local is opening her home [turns out her home is too far from the conference site in Arlington, but another friend offered to get me a hotel room]. I couldn't attend otherwise, having no reserves after being unemployed the last half of 2006. All I need now is general spending money (meals, the Metro, misc. travel expenses, etc.) and repair costs for my laptop screen--'cause what good is it for a blogger to attend a blogging conference without her laptop? It's just a loose connection, but labor is expensive...

I hesitated to ask for your assistance, but after seeing other respectable people step forward and ask, I'm swallowing my pride. Any support you could offer by hitting the anonymous tip jar on the right would be greatly appreciated (and I'll try to earn those tips by blogging more regularly).

Hope to see you there!