02 February, 2007

Update on a U.S.S. Frank Cable Sailor

This is an email I received recently [links added, names removed, published with permission]. I don't think any commentary is necessary...

First, let me say thank you to all of you in Soldiers' Angels. Your Group are really wonderful and great.

My name is [Mrs.] D and my husband Chief D. We have 2 kids [ages 14 and 12]. My husband and I are both from the Philippines and migrated here in the states some 20 years ago.

My husband was station in USS Frank Cable in Guam just a couple of months when the unfortunate accident happen in the ship. Him and other sailors (7) were involved in a steam burn due to one of the boiler exploded. They said he was a hero for he stayed to shut down the boiler before it can cause more life in the ship. That is why until now he is still in ICU burn unit here in Brooks Army Medical Center, Texas. They were transported here from Guam last December 1,2006 and till now he is still fighting to survived due to 75% bodily burn and extensive steam inhalation lung burn. He had about four skin graft surgery which I almost lost him and still more to come.

I know he is holding up because of our love for him, and for all the prayers we offer for him.

To all the members of Soldiers Angels that sent my husband well wishes and prayers I am very thankful and appreciate you all.

For all the goodies I receive and for the [Valour-IT] laptop that my husband got thank you.

And if ever I have forgotten to say thank you with others, I say thank you now.

God Bless You All,


Mrs D

From other sources I have learned that Chief D is by far the most seriously injured of those who have survived to this point. The lung damage is "very, very bad." In her reply when I asked if I could publish her note, Mrs D included the following revealing sentence: "I know that at this point I can use all the prayers and support from all of you."

If you would like to send Mrs. D an encouraging email, you can forward it to me and I will pass it on.