03 February, 2007

The "6 Weird Things" Meme

A change of pace and topic around here...

AFSis tagged me: Post 6 weird things about yourself and tag 6 more bloggers. Leave a comment on their blogs to let them know they're tagged. As I warned AFSis, I am VERY weird. Believe, I left the weirdest stuff off this list!

1. I hate beer, wine, champagne, etc. In fact, the only intoxicating drink I've ever tried that I liked at all was mixed--a Cosmopolitan (cranberry, Grand Marnier and vodka with a lime). UPDATE: As Trias reminds me, Pina Coladas are good; I prefer them minus the alcohol, though.

2. I enjoyed reading professional nursing magazines... at age 10. Yes, ten years old.

3. Three weeks ago I backed my car into my mother's. Why is this weird? Her car was parked behind me in the carport at the time.

4. I love peanut butter... on celery, carrots, crackers, chocolate bars, banana or raisin sandwiches, pancakes, and human fingers.

5. I have never danced to music that wasn't at least 90 years old (never had the opportunity, really).

6. I'm a 30-something female who hated shopping until about six months ago. I now enjoy it sometimes, but it's still not even on my list of preferred activities to kill a few hours.

I'll post my list of tags later. I'm tagging: Sgt. B, Cassandra, Grim, Lex, Barb, and BillT... all of whom are definitely "characters" of the highest order. Which is just a nice way of saying they're weird, so this should be good! *grin*