13 March, 2007


UPDATE: Doing significantly better today, far better than I could've imagined --The Chiropractor's adjustment worked! My shoulder muscles feel like one big bruise and my back is still very stiff, but no stabbing and debilitating pain and I feel a little better every hour. If I had the money, I'd get a serious massage, but I think I'll eventually be okay without it. There's just so much less pain. Yay!!! (I was quite scared this could be something serious/chronic, but so far apparently not...)

Moments after I completed that last post, I stood up and was almost brought to my knees by sudden, stabbing pain in my back/neck and ribs. I tried to work, but couldn't have lifted the infants I would've been working with in the morning. It hurt to breathe.

Laying on the floor waiting for a chiropractic appointment early this afternoon, tears of pain seeping from the outer corners of my eyes due to more pain than I'd ever felt, I marveled at those who deal with severe chronic pain. I have serious chronic foot pain, but nothing like that. I don't know how you guys do it...

Yes, I'm better now (but still hurting quite a bit. Chiropractor says I did something to my neck that caused further went on to cause damage/misplacement to an upper rib).