22 April, 2007


Not "MOABs," but MOABS; Mother of All Baby Showers, in other words.

Andi has the details on plans to support the brand new daughter of severely wounded Marine DJ Emery and his wife Leslie Shivery in conjunction with the MilBlog Conference. He is currently at the Naval Hospital in Bethesda, so gifts brought to the Conference can be easily transported to the new parents.

I just thought I'd add/collect some info and advice for those who might want to help:

1) They're registered at Target (they seem to like ocean/water themes and pink). I believe the gift registry will let you ship online purchases directly to them.

2) This is their first child, so they probably need everything--from burping cloths to blankets, clothes, and rattles. If you're stretched thin from the Conference, TJ Maxx has baby clothes, etc., at amazing prices (and tiny baby clothes fit easily into suitcases, of course--just throw in a gift bag when you pack).

3) Gift certificates for Target, Kmart, and Babies 'R Us can't miss. And they're highly transportable, of course...