24 April, 2007

The Dem Leadership is...

...vile beyond words? Why do I say that? Well, I'm sick (and not just from reading the following), so I'll leave these people to explain it better than I could:

Bill Roggio: The U.S. is having to pull back on training Iraqi units because of the funds being held up in the current political fight.

Hot Air: Sen. Reid says he will not believe what GEN Petraeus has to say in the coming briefing, and claims that Petraeus' statement that it will take more than military action to stabilize Iraq is equivalent to Reid's statement that Iraq is lost.

Harry Reid: "We're going to pick up Senate seats as a result of this war."

: The enemy is listening, and adjusting its tactics according to what they hear from Reid and others.

Cassandra: In short, the Democrats' Leadership is holding the troops hostage.

I believe (and always taught my students) that you should always be respectful and civil to people you don't like. Senator Reid is starting to make me think there are exceptions...

I don't want to casually throw out words like "treasonous" and unpatriotic," but I'm struggling to find appropriate descriptions that don't include those adjectives.

UPDATE: Greyhawk has the background and context on Reid's statements about Petreaus that I linked above.

UPDATE II:Tempered by experience and the restrictions of being an active duty sailor, Lex says what I hope I'd say if I could keep my temper on this subject.