21 April, 2007

More Tech Advice?

In my last bleg for advice, I mentioned a problem with my laptop screen--as a stop-gap it's now hooked up to a desktop monitor. After finding out what it would cost to repair if it was just a loose connection, I tried to fix it myself. I was unsuccessful, and may have damaged the laptop screen itself in the process (if it wasn't damaged already) .

After having a professional look at it, I've been told both the LCD screen and the connecting cable need to be replaced. I have the know-how to replace the screen and can get a brand new one for under $200. I don't know how much the cable itself would cost, but the repair technician said they would charge $200 to replace it (I can't figure out how to take apart the bottom of the laptop, which would be required if replacing the cable myself).

So, here's the question for the techies out there: I have a 15-month-old Compaq Presario V5101US (not upgraded) that needs at least $400 worth of work. In a steal of a deal, I paid $550 for it at a time that it was selling for about $750. Is it worth investing $400 in it (not that I know exactly how I'd come up with that kind of money anyway, haha!)?

Heh. Looks like I will be attending the MilBlog Conference without a laptop. How messed up is that?