22 May, 2007

Fun With Banks and Robbers

How it happened matters not, but yesterday someone got ahold of my ATM/credit card long before I realized it was missing.

End result? over $600 (payday was Friday) in charges at Sears, Walmart and Food 4 Less. Draw your own conclusions... Oh, and nice of them to check IDs, huh?

Phone Teller with a Mouthful of Marbles: Well, the charges are listed but they haven't "gone through" yet. Look at your account online tomorrow morning and call us if they do.

FbL: So the money is still in my account but it's scheduled to be removed and there's nothing you can do about it even though you know I'm claiming fraud?

PTMM: Yes. Call us if it goes through.

FbL: And if it does?

PTMM: You can file an investigation request.

FbL: And how long will it take to get my money back?

PTMM: Four weeks.

FbL: Thanks for nothing. [Not really, but that's what I wanted to say].

Well, my recent good luck had to end sometime, I suppose--karmic balance and all that...