23 May, 2007


Update below...

The other day I found myself behind a large SUV at a stoplight on base and noticed a rather interesting license plate holder: "My next plate will be made by Bush and Cheney."

I have to admit that my mouth fell open at the thought that a Service Member or SM's spouse would openly sport something like that (though the sentiment is there among some, I suspect expression in that manner could fall under the UCMJ in terms of disrespect to superiors/government officials or at best be a career drag).

But I was terribly curious, and after the light changed I sped up enough to get ahead and check their base decal in my rearview mirror just to be sure. Yup: civilian base employee. Could make for interesting conversation at their place of employment, though... ;)

UPDATE: Apparently I have wrongly assumed that readers would know where I'm coming from in regards to my thoughts on political ideas/affiliations among military members. I am not making a judgment on the appropriateness of the political sentiments I've described here. Rather, my surprise came from the thought that someone would be gutsy(?) enough to share them so publicly in that environment. For more, please read the exchange with Liberal Army Wife in the comments.