04 May, 2007


About a dozen of us in town early got together for a bit of fun and fellowship last night. The evening of laughter and hugs and lively discussion can be summed up by the question our waitress asked as we were leaving after dinner: "Is this a family reunion? A family gathering for a special event?"

Answer: Yes.

I rarely stopped smiling last night, as it was so good to see so many people who are important to me gathered together and enjoying themselves. It made me happy just to watch them.

Finally, you don't want to miss the live broadcast of the conference tomorrow. There is a great surprise planned, and the recent brouhaha about Army OPSEC reglations has focused the media spotlight on the event--CNN and FOX are covering the entire thing, and a number of new and "old" media figures/luminaries will be attending. In fact, the term "feeding frenzy" has been applied. Add to it that the "master of ceremonies" is the CNN Pentagon reporter and it's gonna be an interesting day...