27 July, 2007

From the Front

Courtesy of a proud Marine Dad, from a lieutenant who doesn't get to email often:

Hey old man,

I just finished writing you a letter, so I'll try not to spoil it by talking too much, lol. Things are going good out here. We only have 8 and a half more weeks to go, then homeward bound. It hardly seems like 5 months down does it. I do have a special request for the next package though, some Tinactin anti fungal spray-on stuff for my feet. I had some coming out here, but now its gone and it worked really well.

It is a little bit of fun working with these Iraqis. Nearly all the old ones can show off a bullet wound or two from Iran, or us in Desert Storm. It's pretty impressive. I sit with them for hours, picking up bits and pieces of the language here and there. I ate from their food for the first time today, so I am awaiting montezuma's revenge with trepidation, lol.

I can't wait to be done training these guys, so we can go operational and start interdicting some insurgents on a grand scale, lol. I led the first set on their final class--a real patrol--a couple days ago, and they weren't bad. Not Marines, but not bad for what we had taught them.

Well I should be going. Love you dad, talk to you when I can.