04 July, 2007

Happy Birthday, America

I've had trouble figuring out what to write, so I'm shamelessly stealing...

Powerline highlights someone who had a very bad Fourth of July, but frankly, I think he celebrated it in the finest traditions of the great men who founded our country:

The Rabbit and I sat there for a few moments staring at each other in silence before he angrily dismissed me.

"Now it will be very bad for you, Mac Kane. Go back to your room."

I did as instructed and awaited the moment when the Rabbit's prediction would come true.

That same day [July 4, 1968]...

Lex wrote of two of our forefathers who had a falling out but were bound together by love of country:

If we, the heirs to all the blessings that accrued from these men and their brothers yet nurture intermural grievances of our own, then at least we also have their example of great ideas nobly contested, lives well lived and ultimate filial reconciliation. That, my friends, is a great deal to be grateful for.

Maggie knows what she's grateful for:

Standing there, in that place of history, feeling part of something so much bigger than the both of us.............watching him walk towards me in his summer whites...........I was stupefied.

And somebody wrote a very nice press release for President Bush that puts it all together:

Two hundred thirty-one years ago, 56 brave men signed their names to a bold creed of freedom that set the course of our Nation and changed the history of the world. On this anniversary, we remember the great courage and conviction of our Founders, and we celebrate the enduring principles of our Declaration of Independence.

Happy Birthday, America! And, thank you. May we be worthy of our heritage...