01 July, 2007


Lex wrote on the subject of those who are so blinded by politics that they cannot see the terrorist threat in front of them, and commenter "P-3W" replied:

I had a very bad experience this weekend. Someone I thought was a rational and good friend has changed. He’s wearing an Obama for President t-shirt now, which means to me no more joking with him about politics at all. We had a BBQ with them last night and he told Husband that we are living in a fascist state. He also said that he wished “they” knew who were “doing” the IEDs so “they could throw a party for them.” Husband shut him down politely with, “Hey, this isn’t the place and I don’t do politics, so that’s enough.” It upset Husband enough to tell me and another mutual friend on the way home what he’d said. I’m glad I didn’t hear him — I’m sure I would no longer be friends with any of them, him, his wife or our mutual friend. I would have been in his face with disgust dripping from my tongue. “How DARE you wish my son-in-law in the Army and deploying this fall DEAD! How DARE you wish your son, who used to be in the Navy DEAD! How DARE you wish my husband who used to fly planes in the Navy DEAD! Let me buy you a plane ticket to some really fascist country and see what you can say and not end up in jail and begging for OUR help, some place like Libya, Iran, CHINA!”

I don’t know what’s going on with this friend, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to be more than polite to him again. It brings me to tears to have someone I KNOW do this, not just the Kossaks or Troofers or Code Pink or those outside my immediate world I don’t really know, but someone I thought a friend.

Then I watch the news and see the footage of the flaming car and wonder if he’s cheering inside, instead of crying and having his guts twist with worry for “where next?” and “will I know them?” like I feel.

I just don’t understand how he can be so blind … and not want to see, either.

Her experience is by no means unique, sadly.

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