01 July, 2007

Linky Love

Some things I've been reading this week...

How do you know an email was composed by the general himself?

Less-senior warfighters are also prone to brutal honesty, of course.

And here's more plain speaking: Just in case you wondered what Tony Blair really thinks of "Islamists," wonder no more [h/t Lex].

Found some interesting discussions of misogyny when I was looking for a pic to go with this post. A book by a rabbi and this column in an Australian newspaper both made me stop and think.

The major media once again show they are... well... I'll be nice and say "incompetent." More here and here [there's significant good news in that last link].

And finally, some milblogs you might appreciate reading:

Oh, and this painting caught my eye today. I'm not sure I could explain exactly why, but I like it...