11 July, 2007

More Fun with Banks and Robbers

The saga continues...

Several weeks after reporting the fraud, I called for an update on the investigation. Turns out I was supposed to fax them something, so I did. Not having had that "something" meant nothing had been investigated, but I was assured the case was still open. I faxed the materials.

Several weeks after that, I called for another update (note, I have nothing but a fax number to reach the investigators). I was not allowed to speak to anyone actually investigating or in the office that should have received the fax, but my "customer service rep" assured me that according to her computer there was no record of a fax. Once again, nothing has been investigated.

I have re-faxed the information, but the 4-week process to receive my money (if they can even prove fraud at this late date), begins anew.

It's now been 6 weeks since my account was emptied by fraud and we are fast approaching a time that is going to make proving I didn't use that card very difficult. I marched myself down to the local bank office and was coddled and condescended to, as if having them fax it was going to help anything. Exasperated, I finally said, "You're just trying to placate me and make me a happy customer, but this location doesn't actually have any power to do anything about this, does it?"

The bank employee affirmed the truth of that.

Note to my friends in California: Do NOT use Union Bank of California. Their online interface is clunky, they make frequent deposit errors, and they have zero flexibility in meeting customer needs. This hasn't been the only problem I've had with them. A couple weeks ago we discovered for they had been taking online-banking payments made to my car insurance and applying them to my mother's car insurance (we have the same bank and same insurer). That resulted in my car registration being canceled for lack of insurance (insurer said I hadn't paid), which requires a reinstatement fee.

I never had a major complaint with a bank in the past. I've only been with Union Bank for one year...