15 July, 2007

Where's MEGEN?

One of the many things I have neglected as a blogger these last two months was telling you about MEGEN, aka "Most Exalted Golden Laptop."

To mark Team Navy's win in Valour-IT's 2006 Veterans Day fundraiser, a presentation was made at the 2007 MilBlog Conference:

[more here]

And being the creative types Team Navy showed themselves to be last fall, they came up with a smart and wacky idea to raise awareness of Valour-IT: MEGEN on tour. Most recently MEGEN has been visiting Naval Station Norfolk accompanied by Pinch, and he has some great documentation and commentary. Here's a taste:

    The F-18 C Hornet. Megen is sitting on one of the starboard multiple-ejector-racks with mk-82 bombs loaded (inert, of course!). This is obviously an old aircraft. A more up-to-date aircraft display would have, in place of bombs, the air-to-air refueling package loaded up since that seems to be the primary mission these days [full-size pic]
Pinch takes MEGEN and the rest of us on a nice tour of Norfolk, full of plane and ship "pr0n," and a teasing "where is MEGEN?" pic. Check it out!

And the rest of you Navy types... when will be seeing MEGEN in your area?