19 August, 2007

FbL on the Radio

Update II: Well... that sucked! Not my best interview (understatement). The producer switched the last two interviewees and so Holly was expecting someone else when I was on the air. With my help on top of that, it went downhill from there. Because that also meant that I wasn't expecting to be on yet (I was headed to the bathroom when the producer called), so I didn't get a glass of water and thus sounded like a frog. Not to mention that I just wasn't mentally psyched for it--didn't "put my interview face on" (my fault, of course). Just... blech! My apologies to anyone who suffered through that...

Update: MOVED UP! Scroll down for new posts.

I will be on Bob Calvert's Internet talk show this weekend, Sunday, August 19. Bob is busy in Iraq, so Holly Aho will be interviewing the guests he's lined up for her.

You can tune in to hear me live between 5 and 6 p.m. Pacific Time. The broadcast will also be archived at a later date.