20 August, 2007

Photos from Iraq

Update: The construction site photos mentioned below are now up.

Bob Calvert sent me some photos of his visit to a newly-renovated children's hospital in Bagdad, which I posted on his blog. I'm still awaiting the hosting of a great audio-only interview he sent, and I also have pics of a telecommunications construction project he visited (will post them tomorrow).

I've been generally aware of the renovation/rebuilding efforts in Iraq, but the things Bob has been reporting have led me to dig more deeply--Until recently I didn't understand what a massive, coordinated and integrated (Iraqi-centric) effort there is to not only develop a modern infrastructure for the Iraqi people, but to also rebuild the professional, technical, and societal organizations/knowledge that will keep it running. It's an amazing undertaking, and the Iraqi leaders of these efforts are true patriots of iraq.

Please check out Bob's latest reports and photos for more on what I'm talking about, and keep your eyes open for the interview and new pics.