06 August, 2007

Home Again

What an amazing couple of days! I hardly know where to begin... so much running around in my head. I'll try to sort it out and tell the stories, but in the meantime, here's a taste:

My trip included a wonderful party at BAMC's Fisher Houses for several hundred people and the delivery of 78 laptops there (thanks to a gigantic donation from a local corporation), amazing soldiers and Soldiers' Angels with hearts as big and strong as Texas, people who are dedicated to getting out the "truth," networking in both directions, a retired Brigadier General who may have served with BillT, Sgt. X and family, an Army wife with the vision to care for her husband while simultaneously creating a charity to help wounded veterans and their caretakers train to earn money from working at home, perfect strangers who invited me to a Families United event and were the nicest people I met in San Antonio, a Marine lieutenant who started his speech with: "The Marine Corps is a crazy little twisted warrior cult... and I love it," the director of America Supports You (website changes coming soon), and an Army dad who has spent every cent he had to help amplify the voices of those who serve in Iraq today. And finally, spending Saturday Night in a bar with Unkawill, Marrilee Carlson, the veteran/gold star father who faced down Cindy Sheehan in Crawford, and a retired Vietnam veteran Army officer who makes Patton look like a word-mincing wimp.

See why it's hard to know where to start?

I've also gotta sort through a myriad of business cards with notes to self scribbled on the back (Did I mention networking?: "Tell X about this... email Y to connect her with D... check and see if Z knows about B... drop C's name in job search" etc, etc). But I'll begin to tackle the stories tonight, too.

What a weekend...