15 August, 2007

San Antonio Pictures

Yes, it was a great party! I can't give you all the pics I wish I could, due to privacy and other concerns. But the ones I can share are in the "read more" link.

Best Buy sent a manager and several employees to help. They even decorated...

The theme was "Fiesta," with a touch of New Orleans, I think.

We even had a National Guardsman moonlighting as a balloon artist. Or would that be the other way around? He made everything from machine guns to (as seen below) dragonflies.

Of course, the best part was the laptops.

First up, our caseworker team. They are the ones who evaluate and recommend recipients to us. They had the privilege of passing out the laptops, and it's clear how they felt about that:

It's a lot of work, passing out 78 laptops...

They just keep coming and coming!

And finally, the person that we have to thank for enabling Valour-IT to give out so many laptops at once: COL(ret) Clarence "Reggie" Williams, U.S. Air Force, now President/CEO of the San Antonio Area Foundation. He spoke briefly but with quiet passion about how proud he was to have served, and how honored he felt to be able to help his younger brothers.

All-in-all, a great day. I have a couple more pictures--several individual soldiers who consented to have their pics taken--that I will put up in a separate post soon.