16 August, 2007

Meet Another Independent Embed

Jeff Bader presents Bob Calvert with a Soldiers' Angels commendation
for his untiring work and personal sacrifice in support of America's
military men and women.

Bob Calvert of Talking with Heroes is another one of the many interesting people I met in San Antonio. He's a proud Army Dad who has twice visited Iraq as a self-funded and independent journalist, documenting the stories of the "Boots on the Ground." He is currently on his way back to Iraq and will soon be returning with hours of recorded interviews from America's fighting men and women.

Bob has not been well-known in the milblog community, but he's the real deal. He is working closely with MNF-I and the top of the Army PAO food chain on his latest trip. And he also has a separate project with CENTCOM in which a different unit from Iraq "calls in" each week to the Internet-based radio show on which he covers personnel, families and members of support organizations.

Please check out Bob's blog, and follow along as he returns to Iraq and tells our heroes' stories.