25 August, 2007

FbL as Spamblogger

I'm aware of the practice in some quarters of flagging an uploaded video, a comment in a discussion thread, or even an entire blog, etc., for "objectionable content" as an attempt to suppress its distribution or availability. You can look at the upper left corner on my blog here and see the "Flag Blog" button. But never thought I'd run afoul of it myself.

Apparently the Talking with Heroes blog--which I have been updating for Bob while he's in Iraq--has been flagged as a spamblog. According to Blogger, this could happen one of two ways:

  1. The automatic filter identifies your blog as having spamblog characteristics--such as excessive posting in one day, excessive links to the same set of blogs/sites, etc.
  2. Somebody has been hitting the "Flag Blog" button on your blog's navigation bar.
Take a look at Talking with Heroes and you tell me which one you think it is... And how much do you want to bet ideology fits into this somewhere?

Heh. A human will be reviewing the blog to verify that it isn't spam or otherwise "objectionable content," and will then remove the verification requirement. In the meantime, I can still post after jumping through the verification hoop. So I suppose it's more amusing than anything else, but it's also pretty sad commentary on certain types of people out there.

It all fits. Except it's not evil they're trying to avoid...