19 September, 2007


A very kind (new) reader sent me an email today:

I've been reading a few things from you around the 'net and I'd like to ask if you'd please activate your site feed so someone with Google Reader can use it.

Found you again because of [this post], then spent half an hour trying to figure out why I couldn't subscribe to your blog. ;^p I'm a little slow.

Looked around a little and found an explanation of how to activate feeds [here].

So, could you? Pretty, pretty please?

Thank you very much,

I've noticed Foxfier is a reader of Villainous Company, which certainly speaks to taste and discernment. Very flattering... so how could I refuse?

Unfortunately, I'm apparently an idiot. I followed all the steps in Blogger to activate my feed, but it's not happening (see top of my last sidebar section). I suspect Haloscan and various hacked additions have screwed something up. Given enough time I could probably wade my way through all the HTML and technobabble, but I'm not positive about that--my brain is way too preoccupied. And as to "time," I'm spending the next week and a half implementing a household move (only a couple miles, but still a huge hassle, especially since it's going to be done in "stages," starting tomorrow.

So... anybody out there who can either offer me some simple tips, or is willing to wade into the swamp that is the HTML of my blog? I'd be ever so grateful.

I can think of at least a couple people who could use some karma points... ;)

[artwork: Spaghetti Code]