05 September, 2007

President Bush in Iraq

Of course the visit is already old news, but I wanted to share with you Bush's introduction and speech to an audience of Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, and Sailors in Al Asad on Monday.

I chose the following video of the speech among several because it shows the arrival of other officials and his interactions with the troops after the speech. I don't know enough about the context of the quote from Lord of the Rings that accompanies the end to give it my full endorsement, but I agree with the basic sentiments (you can see the Major General's entire introductory speech on this video, if you can tolerate the inane voice-over leading up to it).

You can find more photos of Bush's visit here, including my favorite:

It makes me happy simply to see their excitement and happiness. May God bless and sustain them all for the road ahead...