04 September, 2007

Books About the B-17

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I recently came into possession of two books about the B-17, and I'm wondering if my aviation-minded friends might find them interesting.

First up, B-17 in Action: Aircraft No. Twelve, by Steve Birdsall (copyright 1973). It's packed with photos of aircraft and crew spanning 30+ years, technical drawings, and commentary. There's a lot of nose art, too.

Next, 50th Anniversary Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress 1935-1985. It's a "Museum of Flight Publication" by Peter M. Bowers (copyright 1985, of course). It's similar to the other book in content, but also includes a number of large, color paintings of the B-17 in action. SOLD

Anybody out there who'd like to get his or her mitts on them? ;)