06 September, 2007

Senator Charles Schumer is...

either an idiot, a traitor, or staggeringly uninformed. You decide.

Over at Blackfive, commenter "Jordan" has an superb rebuttal to Schumer's incomprehensible statements:

Now, that's the goal here, according to the counterinsurgency manual. You get the indigenous population to no longer accept terrorists swimming in their midsts. When the people reject them, the insurgency can't survive. Isn't that the picture of what we're trying to do here?

It's precisely because the Marines could ensure their safety that the Sunni tribes switched sides. The tribes saw that with the Marines, they had a fighting chance to get the safety and security of normal life back, so they took it, out of human self-interest.

For a couple of years now, we've all seen endless pictures on the net of our soldiers sitting down with various sheiks in earnest conversation, having tea and lamb scones (or whatever). What were they doing, Charles, playing BINGO?