06 September, 2007

What Happens When a Spider meets a Soldiers' Angel?

We were discussing the subject of killing spiders and I received the following on that topic from fellow Soldiers' Angel Maryann. She's got a heart of gold and is "supporting the troops" at a level few people can match. Somehow, her email spoke to me of an absolutely golden heart...

Yuk! Just put a glass over the spider, slip a piece of paper under the glass, lift the whole contraption up and bring it outside.

I once had a spider in the corner of the bathroom ceiling over the shower. While I was away, she laid eggs so I of course had to wait until they hatched and the younguns were mature enough to survive before I "escorted" the lot of them outside. I had to keep one eye on them while showering for about 2 weeks. It was quite stressful.

Yes, I laughed aloud. But how could you not love someone like that?